Obama preparing to send opponents to FEMA camps

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It's finally happening. I'm going to be honest. I thought the idea that Obama was planning to send his opponents to concentration camps was ridiculous. It was all that sort of scrambled brain Danbones nonsense about pizza and Jewish space lizards or some shit. But after reading about Obama's latest efforts to acquire the personal information and the voting records of American citizens and calling it the "Election Integrity Commission", well that's some Orwellian shit there. Obama is clearly laying the groundwork for a massive state intrusion into people's lives which will no doubt lead to suppression and arrest.

This week, the public got its first real peek at President Barack Obama's commission to study the integrity of elections in America — and some civil rights advocates are warning that the commission is being used to lay the groundwork for voter suppression efforts.

On Wednesday, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, who, along with Vice President Joe Biden, is in charge of the Presidential Advisory Commission on Election Integrity, sent a letter to state governments, asking officials for suggestions to improve the integrity of elections. Then the letter asked for a lot of voter data — including names, birth dates, addresses, party affiliation, military service status, and histories of felony convictions.


That's some scary stuff. I mean, I knew the Democrats were for big government, but I never thought they'd go this far. This is the sort of thing that galvanizes you in the support of liberty. And you guys warned us about tyrannical governments. This is it. The government is coming for you. Big brother is watching. Get your guns. I'm with you, comrades. No, that's not right. Proud boys? Super Chums? Forgive me, I don't know your forms of address.
Thanks Obama.

Give me your voting records!!11

BREAKING - Massive States Rights Revolt

At least 44 states have rejected a sweeping information request from President Barack Hussein Obama's “election integrity” commission — including the office of Secretary of State Hillary Hussein Clinton, who’s one of the two reptilian overlords heading the commission and who sent out the request.


I gotta say, since I converted it's a lot of fun being a conservative now. Being on the side o freedom, watching states rights stand up to government tyranny. Let's water that tree of liberty, comrades! I mean.. not comrades.. pardner! Saddle up the posse? I'm still working on it.

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Yup. He was going to take away your guns, close down the internet, make Islam the official USA religion, arrest all white police, and start Armageddon. Well, with just a little more time, he just might do all that.
Obama still is in Chicago trying to help Rahm stop the 100's of police officer resignations. Right now that city has 350 openings and no list from any testing to use to get recruit officers. It was all a part of an Obama program that fell apart. Together the 2 top Illinois Democrats are sinking!

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