The internet is a "US colony"

The age of colonization and empire is not over and we are all vassals and serfs

Web users are vulnerable to mass online spying because the US has too much power online, according to a leading security researcher.
Discussing revelations of US spying at his LinuxCon keynote speech, F-Secure’s chief research officer Mikko Hypponen argued that US dominance over the internet had come at the expense of democracy.

Hypponen quoted Tenable's chief security officer, Marcus Ranum, who has previously described the internet as "a US colony".

"We’re back in the age of colonisation," said Hypponen. "We should think about the Americans as our masters."

beg, beg on your knees

The internet is a "US colony" | Security | News | PC Pro
The systems that operate big segments of the internet are primarily operated from the US, so I guess they have a lot more pull than anyone else.
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