Shutting down a P.C. without the mouse..........

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Can any of you nerds remember how????

Last night my wife was using the old PC downstairs while doing the laundry......Just as she had shut the browsers down and was ready to come upstairs the wireless mouse quits on her.....She hollers to me upstairs to bring a battery down to her...which is normally why a mouse quits, so I bring down a battery and battery tester but after tinkering with it for a few minutes I realized it was dead.
Since it was too late to go to the store to buy a new wife went upstairs to get the mouse out of her notebook, just to shut down the PC...
While she was gone upstairs I remembered how to do it without a mouse....something I hadn't done in about 10 or 12 years.
Not too bad for an old fart to remember something he hasn't done more than a couple of times and that far back.....

you can also try this,ctrl+f4,and use the cursor to make the shutdown selection..thanks
I suppose just pushing the on button is too simple? With our much older computer we have to push and hold it down till it shuts off.
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Does everyone remember the first time you used a mouse? Was everyone thinking "I'll never get used to this!" or was it just me? Lol

I had few problems with my first mouse...........I did have big problems learning how to use the touch pad on my lap top at first.
Use Alt + F4, a shutdown dialog will open an use Tab to navigate through the options, Select Shutdown in the drop down menu and press OK ..
Ahem......just tap the power button on any windows xp or win7 computer. This does not trigger a power supply shutdown, instead it triggers a software initiated shutdown.

This is how IT guys will shut down a whole room of computers, not once do they touch a mouse.

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