man named Eric Fish murdered a much older man recently in
Apparently, the RCMP have surrounded a warehouse in vernon, looking for evidence of a serial killer, one Eric Fish. Apparently, also there have been a number of missing people in vernon, and items belonging to some of these people have been found in Fish's possession. The police are not saying much. Following his release to a half way house in vernon, he had a day pass, and in 2004 he was charged with the following crime.

Vernon, British Columbia. He did so viciously and with clear premeditation. The older fellow had advertised that he had something for sale. Mr. Fish pretended on his first visit to the older man's house that he was, indeed, an interested buyer. In short, he cased the joint. On his second and last visit, he tied up both the old man and his old wife. Then he beat the old man to death, and fled.

This would be horror story enough as it is. But the truth is much worse. Not merely for what Mr. Fish had been doing with his miserable life these many years, but in terms of public policy and public safety, for what the National Parole Board, Corrections Canada, and the RCMP spectacularly failed to do.

Now I ask you, how big is vernon???? last time I was there it was a small place, how could the RCMP not connect the dots???