Eric Prydz - Call On Me

Rick van Opbergen
All dowload Call On Me, by Eric Prydz, this song is SOOOO good!
Downloaded )

I remember that song from a while back!
Rick van Opbergen
I don't know, but that song just has the perfect beat!
Rick van Opbergen
I also like the videoclip by the way
If you like that song, you might like the beat to Kate Ryan - Desenchantee.

It's a song in French but the tune and beat is unmistakable and addictive. Check out the long dance remix (it's 8:29 long), I think the remix might be by Hex Hector, but I'm not 100% sure. Actually, it might just be by some unknown DJ, but the filesize that I have is 8153KB... so check it out I'll check my MP3 list for other things you might like when I get home tomorrow.. I'm yet again with family tonight for thanksgiving.
Rick van Opbergen
I know the song, Kate Ryan is from Belgium and Desenchantee was a big hit here already some time ago. Thanks for the remix-tip, I'll check it right away! ... And a happy Thanksgiving Andem!
Happy Thanksgiving, Rick! (I don't know when it takes place in NL).

Ok, so you know Kate Ryan from Belgium... The desenchatee song was originally by Mylene Farmer, but newer version by Kate Ryan... was a big hit in Montréal, too.

It's still an addictive song
BTW, if you like slow music.. you might like Falco - Jeanny and Falco - Coming Home (Jeanny II).mp3... You have to be in the right mood to listen to such music, because it's slow and kind of emotional, but really touching song... Falco is Austrian and his music is still loved by Germans, Austrians and some Swiss..

Anyways, going to go back to family and friends and finish the bottle of red wine... So I'll see you guys later tomorrow

Happy Thanksgiving to everyone.
Rick van Opbergen
Ok ehh "see" you tomorrow (BTW: we don't celebrate Thanksgiving)

Rick van Opbergen
I thought this thread had already left for the lower spheres ... I still love the song, Call On Me, by the way ... it just got this beat ...

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