Should Canada take the lead of nations to boycott the 2008 Summer Olympics?

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Tibet's Communist party chief launched a personal attack against the Dalai Lama in the wake of anti-government protests in Tibet, saying that China is locked in a "life-and-death battle" with his supporters.
"We are now engaged in a fierce blood-and-fire battle with the Dalai clique, a life-and-death battle between us and the enemy," Zhang said.
Zhang's comments come as state media reported more than 100 people had surrendered to police in and around Tibet's capital. However, statements by the Chinese government are difficult to verify because of China's tight control over information and a ban on trips by foreign reporters.
The government has promised leniency for protesters who turn themselves in but has warned it will harshly punish those who do not.
The Lhasa protests, led by monks, began peacefully March 10 on the anniversary of a failed uprising in 1959 against Chinese rule. But the demonstrations turned violent Friday.
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Some are now calling for a boycott of the Olympic games this summer in China. Is there a distinction between politics and sports? Should Canada take the lead of other nations in a boycott of the summer Olympic games?

If you're not there, you're missing out on a chance to highlight the human rights issues. Canada can do more by participating AND criticizing them at the same time. China's got egg on it's face and the more people that come to see it and talk about it the better, ignoring them doesn't help. Staff,
Interesting issue---

On one hand there are the ATHLETES, many of whom have spent many years training. Many of them put their financial lives on hold and contributed a great deal of money training for that once in four year event. Strange Canada was prepared to spend $2billion to construct a summer stadium on Lake Ontario. Canada complains about the lack of medals. Canada provides some funding for the top athletes but not enough. Some sports require a great deal of travel. Some sports are not sponsored.
Back to the Boycott. Canada boycotts and the athletes are deprived. Basicall Canadian athletes are told that they may not compete. Really Fair, right? Sounds good to you?
The world voted to hold the Olympics in Bejing. No one seemed concerned about air quality (like throwing a speckled trout into a muddy pond). No one was concerned about human rights in China. And NOW let athletes be the martyrs!!!
In 2006 Canada had a $26billion trade deficite with China. Why doesn't Canada boycott Chinese goods? <<< Good joke Eh?
Leave the Athletes alone. On a world tour all the Athletes get along very well and politics are not part of sport. Serbs, Croatians, Italians, Russians, Germans,Brazillians, Cubans, Chinese and Japanese, Americans---they all get along well with each other.
Don't drag tem in to it sitting in your chair.

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