Joint Summer Olympics Canada/U.S. in 2028?

I think not
What a neat idea ITN

Kind of like a Cascadia Games? The British Empire Games do it .... why not......ease up the financial load and facilities sharing.

I'd like to see Canada and the U.S. join up for a 49th parallel Tour de Amerique Nord (if we have to bow down to the French spelling)... put that nasty bunch of euros to shame.... whine whine....

Maybe we could east some international tension by having athletics on a large scale.... not in competition but in combined teams..... right now all there is hockey and a bit of baseball right?
I think not
I like the idea, it's original, for a change. I'm sure some politician will screw it up however.
Interesting concept. The original bid on the 2010 olympics was called Vancouver-Whistler but the olympic directors said they could only use the name of one city. It would be a shame to have that kind of joint effort and have only one city recognized officially as the host. Either way, if it's officially the Seattle Games bid with events also held in Vancouver that would be good too. I like Seattle - there seems to be a kinship between the two cities.
I think not
Of course you like Seattle Kreskin, you both have been carved out of the same loaf. You're both rude and full of PC.

OK, I'm teasing you.
H ha, we just might have to adopt north Washington State into our Canadian family. Officially that is, they really already belong to Canada.
I think not
Ever hear of this?

Cascadia: A Land Of Beauty & Prosperity
  • Name: The Republic of Cascadia (long form), Cascadia (short form)
  • Capital: Cascadia
  • Area: 855,762 sq km
  • Population: 12,653,849 (1997 est)
  • GDP: US$323 billion (1996 est)
  • Language: Cascadese (a dialect of English)
  • Time System: Metric Time
I like it, except the flag.
Well if Oregon is included....and Northern California.....

It could be a picture of Mt. St. Helens which blows up regularly.....because joining BC and three States might just be volcanic!
WC, it would be perfect harmony.

It could be a petri dish for real peace and understanding between the two nations... which is overdue!

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