Pizza Joe lowers the bar once again.

Once again,Volpe.infamous for his extravagant pizza dinners and appeal to the younger crowd has lowered the bar for all Liberal leadership contenders. Go to for the gory details.
In response a key Volpe supporter commented," Brain dead or really dead,the liberal party is the party of inclusion."
You liberals are a bunch of weenies,your one time main man has been caught and you run away with your tail between your legs. No spine,no comeback. NO APOLOGIES, you are pathetic. go join the spineless at layton's house. Canada doesn't need you.This post has been up for12 hours and no one has responded. Once again you are losers, and Harper and us are ahead,morally and intellectually.
If you don't like Canada where 65% to 70% of Canadians are Liberal or NDP and are not someone who barely got past high school and is afraid of spending on good social programs and being tolerant to other people. Why don't you get out of Canada, loser, and leave Canada to the majority to the progressive not the red-neck people who want to take it back five decades.

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