Finally Real Action against terrorists

The suspects include "soldiers and people with an extreme right ideology who clearly express themselves through racism, xenophobia, Holocaust denial, anti-Semitism and neo-Nazism," the country's federal prosecutor's office said in a statement.

The key suspect is a soldier "who intended to put terrorist ideas into practice," the statement added.

Two more people were detained Friday, while six of the 17 were charged and seven others released with certain conditions, Reuters news agency reported. The remainder have not yet been taken before a magistrate.

The 17 were believed to be planning attacks to destabilize the country, using homemade bombs and more than 100 other weapons seized in raids in the northern Flanders region.

In a wide-ranging operation, police raided five army barracks and 18 private homes, Belgian radio reported Thursday.

Police had been monitoring the group for two years.

Belgian media expressed distress at the reports of the group's existence, but were pleased police were aware of it and had launched the raids.

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Finally some real actions against some real terrorists, who were prepared real attacks against people in Belgian. So not all terrorists are Muslims, even though the right will shutter at that.

Good job Belgian police, before anyone was killed or injured.
wow. they beat the bad guys and didn't have to declare war on an abstract noun to do it.

clever devils.

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