Got back from 8 days at Shuswap Lake

Ten Packs

I'm not sure how well this will turn out, but to explain: There is a Beaver from a near-by creek, down at the beach in the evening, and a local female Golden Lab, who play Cat-and-Mouse every day. The beaver will swim away from the dog, but let her catch up until she's just about up to him. Then it slaps it's tail and DIVES! (that's what has just happened, as I took the picture.)

The Lab will swim in circles looking for the beaver, until it surfaces about 30 seconds and 50 feet away. Then the whole thing starts all over again. This can go on for an hour or more....
Once in a while the beaver really puts the Whammy on the dog, by swimming underneath the floating dock. The dog can't follow, so it swims to shore and runs up on the dock, sniffing through the boards and getting half-snakey when she gets the scent!

I overheard someone on the beach the other day chuckling as he told another guy "She's been trying to catch that beaver for 3 years now - just doesn't get the message!"

Reverend Blair
Just like a dog. Swimming is good exercise for them though.
so we throw a seal in the water to show the beaver how the dog feels....too cute though
Welcome back, Ten Packs. It's gorgeous there, isn't it! I spent a week on a houseboat a few years back. Unfortunately it rained most of the week but we had a hot tub on the top of the boat, lots of good company, food and enough illegal substances to make up for the lack of sunshine.
I learned on my vacation that my webbed feet dog can't swim....go figure.
Hey Ten i was out there on sunday .The waters really nice shame about the duck itch though I suspect its not duck itch its human waste itch
Ten Packs
We asked about that.... there hasnt been any at Magna Bay, though other places have it.
Surprise surprise its on the Salmon arm side of the lake I am surprised you don't have it there because my daughter and her friends went to camp damn near straight across from you at Eagle Bay and they all got it Its not quite as bad as Paul lake yet we went there this year and both kids got it on there legs just from putting their feet in the water Its really bad there now .I suspect its from sewage leaking from old septic systems not Ducks Its sad cause that was a nice place to go for the day

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