8 years for teen who raped, beat elderly woman

Can you believe that this is an adult sentence? The judge called the accused a high-risk offender, noting that his own mother refuses to have anything to do with him.
If he'd been given less time he'd have been more likely to either seek the help he needs or be given the help he needs.

It must be remembered that this guy will be walking the streets again a free man. A changed man? Definately. But not necessarily for the better.

If he is allowed to stew for 8 yrs with no help or counselling he will be a very bitter bitter person who takes no responsibility for his actions. That's scarey
He's lucky I'm not assigned to judge him.

You can do 8 years for cultivation. Where is this country headed when it comes to crime and punishment?

"The eight-year sentence is more than the four to six years the Crown asked for, and does not include time Dutiame has already served. "

What sort of prosecutor is this guy?