Poll! Who do you side with on the war with Iraq?

View Poll Results: Who do you side with?
Canada (who doesnt really have a solid position) 1 14.29%
Germany and France 6 85.71%
The United States 0 0%
Voters: 7. You may not vote on this poll

Who would you side with in terms of the current war on iraq debate.
Im definately going to have to go with Germany and France on this one :\
Me too! Germany and France.
The only thing that would be good if a war did erupt and if Canada was on the United States side would be maybe a little bit better relations with the US, although then we open ourselves up to be targetted for terrorism. I really think the US should stop bullying everyone around, it always comes back to haunt them, then they whine and cry to the UN and Canada for help.. bleh

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