Opening up the bars later

I am curious as to what people think of the bars being open later at night. And what impact they think that there will be on the public.???
I hate the BC government for doing this. Im sure you can imagine the problems it will cause for Security personelle and the RCMP. The # of drunken drivers will probably rise, as more people can stay out later drinking, more people can get off work and run to the bar and stay till 4am! Its a really dumb idea, and I support MADD wholely in this case with their stance.

From another point of view, I GUESS some might consider it nice to have the bars open later, but really who wants to walk out of a bar only to see the sun coming up? (well this isnt the case now, but it will be).
Just another sidenote, according to that new regulation, the LOCAL municipalities can DECIDE if they want bars open that late. So it does give the community some say in that aspect, they could go to their city council and mayor and plead for them not to extend the hours.
To be honest I don't see a problem in the bars staying open later. The police really are not going to be working any more then they were before. I don't see how the bars being open will increase the amount of people going there. So rather then the police dealing with a rush of people at two in the morning I think that it will be moved to four in the morning. And really how many people are going to stay till the rise of the sun.
As for drunk drivers. If someone is going to drink and drive they are going to do it at two in the morning the same as they will at four in the morning. It is sad that people are not reposible enough to think before they do things but that is the way things are here. So I don't see anything wrong with the bars staying open later it gives the people who chose to stay out and dance and party the choice to stay longer. Just cause a bar is open till four in the morning does not mean that you have to stay till then. I never could figure out why people stay untill the lights come on and then are herded to the door like a bunch of cattle not wanting to go.
How many people will stay till 4AM? Lots, everyone bitches when the bar closes at 2am.. they hum and haw about it and eventually leave, so I think its safe to say 75% would stay until 4AM.. that seems insane..

Gotta love the government though, they screw over the public, lower liquor prices, de-regulate liquor and then this.. Talk about forcing people to drink hehe
Damn this would put my afterhours bar out of business almost! I hope my community doesnt extend the hours, I'd hate to lose all this money i make off these people who will pay $6 for a beer!!! sell 3 of them and it pays for the case its a very nice business although somewhat illegal hehe

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