Physical Cable Line

Here's a great tip on getting the best internet experience possible with your cable internet service.....

A few days ago, my cable service was almost completely unavailable as the wiring in my place had been deteriorating. I called rogers, and after 5 days of getting them here, they finally replaced the cable coming from the box.

Not only do I have an EXCELLENT picture on my television, but I have a faster internet connection with less ping timeouts.

I'm not saying go and get Rogers/Shaw/Cogeco/Videotron (etc) to come and replace your wiring, because it's probably fine. But check around the house for kinks in cables and make sure the one leading to your cable modem is in excellent shape.

Hope you enjoy these tips.
Thanks for the tip, I was experiencing problems as well with crappy reception and dropped connections with my line, and after about a week of bugging them to come and install a new line they did. Right from the outside box, and I can say I have never seen such good picture quality or had this much stability on the internet before. Thanks
It really is amazing eh? I recently moved into a condo and the actual cable lines coming from the main box on the floor and about 3mm thick! The cable guy was amazed I could actually use the internet sometimes, let alone a lot. He said he's never seen such small cables in his life.

Anyways, the quality of the picture on the TV is now comparable to satellite tv on a clear day. As for the cable internet connection, it rocks (compared to before).

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