I like this program for finding songs...
I tried that program, I don't like because TSHA, you know what? Christmas on a cracker, everytime I try to download a song, the big words "REQUEST DENIED" show up on my screen. Yes OK, I'm gonna have to give it a rating 3/10.

You are one scary old lady, have you taken your valium today ma'am?

Audiognome works good, I have used that Morpheous once, but disliked it. I miss Napster
I dont like audiognome either, I always get "Cannot resolve host", "Could not connect to user", etc etc. 20 minutes later I finally find the song from someone I can download it from and then they bloody logoff. This program used to be good, but has seriously gone downhill since. No one shares files anymore, its pointless to use audiognome at all.