Spirit, Soul, Consciousness - what's the difference?

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Came across this video recently talking about our spirit, soul and consciousness and the interconnections between the three. It also talks about a higher universal network.

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Your Spirit guides you.

Your Soul connects you.

Your Consciousness legitimizes you.
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The difference between the 'spirit' and the 'soul' is best described in the book: Man after Death by Mohammed-Ali Hassan Al-Hilly.
Therefore, according to this late interpreter of the Quran and the Bible; he explained it as follows:

The 'spirit' is a general term about every living being has a spirit: the tree has a spirit, the animal has a spirit as that man has a spirit.

While the 'soul' is a term used for man and genie (the intelligent being)

The spirit of man after 40 days of age [when he will have the hearing, the sight and the spiritual heart] is called 'soul'.

So the 'soul' is limited for man not for animal or plant: e.g. you can say the spirit of a tree, but not the soul of a tree .. the spirit of an animal, but not the soul of the animal.
But we can say: the soul of man and the soul of genie.

In fact, all spirits and souls are formed from the 'ether' not from the matter, while the body is created from the material substances.
People do not have souls. Souls have people. A soul can have multiple people on Earth at the same time and in different time periods. What people call deja vu is just bleed throughs from other people connected to the same soul.
I think you meant to say, I believe....
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I think you meant to say, I believe....

No, I don't believe. I just threw that in there to stir up some reaction to the usual nonsense usually spewed about on the topic. Everybody has different beliefs. That is what makes life interesting. If we all thought like a Trumpite... I guess that is why we have an opiate problem.
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It's quite funny that people seem to think their "soul" goes to a place called "heaven" and they'll meet old friends, family, pets, etc. and have a lovely time. It's a pretty primitive thought, though. Our personalities are formed after years of our interacting with our environments and a little bit by our DNA. It would be impossible to retain them as status quo once we are dead without keeping the DNA and experiencing the same environments over again. And since our brain dies along with all the other stuff, there's nothing to keep our consiousness, personality, etc. intact anyway and our ≈ 100 watts of energy dissipates into the universe.
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So then you lied

"Everybody lies". - Gregory House, M.D.
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So then you lied


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