How God protected His house

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God protected His house of worship at Mecca

The Meccan at that time (at 570 AD) were of little number, Mecca was a small town surrounding the Kaaba: the house of God's worship, where people worshiped God alone and people from everywhere came to make pilgrimage to Mecca.

Abraha the Abyssinian, who was a Christian.. he came to destroy the Kaaba at Mecca.. he came with a considerable army .. he had an elephant which he mounted when leading his host.

Therefore, God sent swarms of black ravens to throw pebbles on Abraha, his host and his elephant .. and such dealing brought about the failure of Abraha's campaign when he together with his host perished and lost their lives and were utterly defeated.

Soora 105

(In the name of God, Most Gracious, Most Merciful)

(1. Have you [Mohammed] not known how your Lord dealt with the 'host of the elephant'?

2. Did He not frustrate their wicked planning?

3. And send against them the [black] birds in swarms,

4. Shooting them with sedimentary stones [: pebbles],

5. So He made them like husk: eaten [and dropped by the cattle]?)

More explanation is in the link:

See also the beautiful recitation of this great soora of the Glorious Quran:
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While every time the blasphemers and disbelievers were warned and threatened with a terminal punishment, the idolaters and atheists mocked and made jest and ridicule of the warning, until they perished.

Like the Tribe of Aad who lived near Yemen near the Arab sea .. they had been warned by their apostle Hood .. but they did not believe him .. they saw the punishment dooming and looming to them from faraway .. but they kept mocking until they were destroyed and terminated completely by the hurricanes.

And like Pharaoh, who had been warned by Moses the apostle of God.. but Pharaoh kept up to his disbelief until he perished and was drowned in the sea together with his host.

In conclusion, the Wicked Zionists of Tel Aviv have been warned of their termination and destruction, should they keep up to their wicked design and plotting against the Aqsa: the house of God's worship in Jerusalem ..but they have insisted on their wickedness until God will eradicate them by setting Muslims on them.
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The event of the termination of Abraha the Abyssinian has been expounded in another soora or chapter of the Quran:

Soora 100

(In the name of God, Most Gracious, Most Merciful)

[I swear by the following events which I will bring upon you, Meccans, if you do not believe in Me as the Only One God, and do not believe My messenger, Mohammed:]

1. [I swear] by [the black birds of ravens] that rushed forth [on the Host of the Elephant], crying out [their glorification of God]!

2. And they started to move up and down [the battle field], shooting [them] with pebbles.

3. And the raiders, early in the morning.

4. And by [their shooting the pebbles], they stirred up dust [in the camp field.]

5. And they gathered round about the [elephant and its rider: their leader.])

More explanation is in the link:

Here is also a nice recitation of this great soora of the Quran:
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The plight of the Wicked Zionists of Tel Aviv against the Aqsa mosque

The Wicked Zionists of Tel Aviv work day and night to achieve their purpose of capturing the Aqsa Mosque at Jerusalem, so as to ruin it and then to build there in stead of it, their temple.

The Aqsa Mosque is God's house of worship at Jerusalem in Palestine .. God has given the Aqsa Mosque as inheritance to Muslims to worship Him in it .. to worship Him alone without associate .. to worship God day and night, especially in the five times daily prayers and in other times.

Therefore, the approach of the Wicked Zionists to the Aqsa Mosque as for to transgress on it .. this will lead to their end .. if Muslims do not protect it, God Himself will protect it,

then neither can Trump nor all the Wicked Zionists in Tel Aviv and in America protect the Zionists or spare them when God Himself will take revenge on them and will set Muslims on the Wicked Zionists. s_
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This is about such black ravens coming in swarms

And here is some knowledge about this aggressive kind of birds:
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God - be glorified - said in the Quran 67: 19, which means:
(Have they [the people of Mecca] not seen the birds – [that smote the Host of the Elephant with stones] – [flying] above them [in the sky], spreading out their wings [once] and [another time] folding them in?

None can withhold them [from smiting them with stones] except the Most Gracious; surely He is All-Seeing of everything.
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Another similar aya is in the Quran 16: 79, which means:
(Have the [people of Mecca] not regarded the birds [which bombarded with stones the host of the elephant] obedient in the atmosphere of the sky; none withholds them [from bombarding them with stones] save God; surely this [bombarding of the host of the elephant] includes signs for a people who believe [in its occurring.])
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So such birds live in swarms; they are aggressive .. black in color, and their shouts are horrible if they attack others collectively .. such birds are among the hosts of God .. God inspires them to attack the idolaters and disbelievers when He wants to do so.
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I say this only as an example of God's might, while almost the termination of the Wicked Zionists will be when God will set Muslims on them.
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Majority of Muslims, Christians (and even Jews) believe there is light at the end of the tunnel .. and the tunnel is very short
The tunnel is now 10000 years old and it is still not finished
How God protects His house
By church, mosque, synagogue, . . . .

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