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Student busted for recording Prof's rant against trump...

Anti-Donald Trump lecture caught on tape: Student busted for taping professor
It will be interesting to see how this plays out. Too early to know all the details.

Regardless of your political leanings, talk like that is inappropriate. The reports says that she is a human sexuality teacher. If she was holding a class in human sexuality, I wonder how her rant played into the lesson plan.

The union's job is to come to her aid. Since the student has an attorney, I expect that discussions will happen in private with the college. If what the reporter says is true, it is unlikely that the college will defend this prof. Too much for them to lose financially.
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That would depend on the political leanings of the college owners.
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I knew of some profs who wont allow you to record the lessons they gave because the reason i was given is that it was their intellectual property, i thought the school owned the teachers lessons, anyways...

There should be no reason for this kid to be suspended for a whole semester let alone one day.
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I wonder where the Loony Righty professors are? Dissecting Negros in secret labs, like Dr.Mengele?
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That would depend on the political leanings of the college owners.

Money rules the roost. I'm going out on a limb here and will say that the college will pull back.

The official response will be that the situation was misunderstood by all and that the professor is sorry that she did not explain herself better. No harm. No foul. All's well that ends well. Nothing to see here. Scrump-dillicious!

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