Canada loses 35,700 jobs in November: StatsCan

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Canada loses 35,700 jobs in November: StatsCan

OTTAWA -- The Canadian economy shed 35,700 jobs in November to reverse a rise in temporary work likely generated by October's federal election, Statistics Canada said Friday.
The number of public-administration jobs fell by 32,500 in November to offset an October increase of 32,000 positions in the same category, the federal agency found in its monthly job-market survey.

The worse-than-expected drop in jobs helped nudge November's unemployment rate up one-tenth of a percentage point to 7.1 per cent.

"The November decline in public administration was seen across all provinces," Statistics Canada said in the report.

"The decrease was concentrated among survey interviewers and statistical clerks, an occupational group that corresponds with the type of work done during the election."
Historically, the agency has detected similar, temporary spikes in employment during election and census periods.

A consensus of economists had estimated the country would lose 10,000 jobs last month and for the unemployment rate to hold firm at seven per cent, according to Thomson Reuters.

The November data found the overall number of part-time positions declined by 72,300 compared to the previous month, while full-time jobs climbed by 36,600.

Regionally, Alberta saw its jobless rate jump from 6.6 per cent to seven per cent -- the province's highest level since April 2010 -- as 14,900 fewer people were working there.

That drop in the number of jobs was the biggest decline from October to November of any province in the report.

Canada loses 35,700 jobs in November: StatsCan | CTV News
Seasonal workers always get layed off for the winter season. That is a pretty low number which would mean there were a lot less contracts this summer, a sure sign that the economy is thriving looks quite different, the number is 2 or 3 times that number..
Seasonal is already subtracted.
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I'll bet construction season is short.
They would be the 'part-time, 72k less this last month. 36k would be somebody more important to the company but still subject to seasonal lay offs. That is the way I took the stats. Created jobs would be in the x-mas buying spree, if there is one.