favorite summer activity

Well its getting to be that time again A tube down the somass river. Growing up in Port Alberni, summer would not be the same without a tube down the somass. The somass river is the second largest river on vancouver island, the watershed includes the ash, stamp and sproat lake river systems. Besides the annual return of the salmon, the wildlife is plentiful, its a resting and feeding area.

We would get dropped off with our tubes at various points, some longer than others and spend the day waxing philosophical about our huckleberry fin lives :P We fought pirates, and sea monsters and each other :P as we made our way down the river to paper mill dam the local swimming hole. Ahhhhhh the simple life

Frito and I have seen everything on the somass river, mating bears, mating birds..once even mating humans bwhahahahahhaaha....the last time we tubed the somass, we had to portage at the fish ladders, the reward being the deepest swimming pool with high cliffs to jump off. Frito and I and the others would be awed when we would jump off the cliffs and salmon would jump around our heads...

What could be better than a day tubing down the somass river eh? so whats your favorite summer leisure past time?
Reverend Blair
Sitting in the backyard drinking beer and playing with the dogs.
Really what a surprise
I'm with you Rev ... only make mine an iced coffee. If you made your way to the Island we could sit around Pea's garden and have her regale us with tales of the Sumas! I still want to know if they have tan lines when they get home
Reverend Blair
I just discovered that Great Western now has a pilsner. I bought a dozen to try out while sitting in my backyard playing with my dogs.

If I make my way to BC I will have to get some of that Granville Island beer to drink in Pea's garden.
I have never seen nor do I ever want to see frito buck naked...thanks anyway
Yuck don't bother Rev that stuff is terrible Throwing good money at bad beer We used to do the same thing Pea on the Adams river although the ride there is a little more on the dangerous side but well worth it .We used to stop at the Gorge and hike back up to go threw again .When I lived in North Van it was day trips to Lynn Canyon to do some cliif jumping .We used to go threw all the pools right under the suspension bridge it was so much fun .I remember long ago during the great beer strike one year an american tourist gave me a six pack of Billy beer to jump of this big tree into the pool at the end of the trail That was the best beer I ever drank being Just 15 and all
hehehehe sounds like a blast mom, frito was always really good at belly flopping...I on the other hand can cut into the water with nar a ripple... :P
not shovelling the walkway is my favourite summer activity.
I use to spend the summers on peoples farms or in Edmonton at the mall.

I grew up on the peninsula (Saanichton, Brentwood, Sidney areas) there use to be farm after farm. My friends and I would have to figure out which farm (and there for which animals) we wanted to play with.
We had a deer farm, horse farms, chicken farms (Mr Lyon will probably never forgive us for releasing his chickens!) goat farms........

We lived across from the Saanichton Fair grounds (the original not the new one on Stelly X road) and the grounds keepers had a pony they'd let us ride.

But when I got older it was off to Edmonton and the biggest mall in the world!!!! Summers in Edmonton were the best....no parents. the coolest grandmother in the world.....listening to the sex pistols on her old record player (you know the large players that were actually furniture) those were the days......
Drinking beer, swimming at a lake or near mouth of Nicola River, fishing and more beer.
My favorite summertime activity is to kick back with a tall cold one, hat on, toes in water.......ahhhh heaven.

And Rev, I've tried a few of the Granville Island brews and I'm fond on the English Bay Pale Age (blue box) and the whatchacall it in the red box. All providing you enjoy a good pale ale. No chemicals so excessive intake is easier to take in the morning .
Hey twinks...your better half is form Port Alberni, he must have been tubbing down the somass. Hey I go to the farmers market out at the sannicton fairgrounds. :P
come on bevvy you gots to have some good swimming stories about shawnigan lake your old stomping grounds.
Pea, he's definately done that! Chances are you do know him. Isn't that a mind twist?

I forgot to put what I like to do NOW (that I'm all grown up) in the summer....

It usually involves food.....and friends....and people have things to talk about. And Walks. i love exploring the neighbourhood. And soaking up the sun....while reading.....
Well twinks, I think you said your other half went by the name of smith...(twinks smith ) I knew identical twins that were smiths...you could not tell them apart...I had the bestest fun with them...especially at parties..I never knew who was which, so I would neck with both...*sigh* dirty job, but somebody had to do it. I bet frito knows him tho. Hey check your pms, I will run some names by you to mention to him.
Reverend Blair

I use to spend the summers on peoples farms

Me too. I always liked summer fallowing...just climb up on the Deutz and drive around the field all day getting covered in sweat and dust. When we finally started using the IH for that job I thought I'd be out of the dust because it had a cab, but you had to keep the door and all the windows open. All that cab did was make you sweat more. Also, the Deutz had a tool box that you could fill with beer and ice. The IH didn't. So much for progress.


And Rev, I've tried a few of the Granville Island brews and I'm fond on the English Bay Pale Age (blue box) and the whatchacall it in the red box. All providing you enjoy a good pale ale. No chemicals so excessive intake is easier to take in the morning .

Is the red box their dark ale? If so, I liked that one. I'm not a fan of pale ales at all.
I used to like fall on the farm ... got to do the classic cattle drives, moving herds from one pasture to another. Always good for a bit of excitement trying to keep the young animals off the road and away from cars. Of course the beer at the end of the day was the best part ... never quite tastes as good as it does after following a couple hundred cattle thru the dust!
Well going to Cultus lake today with family. I have not been there in years. I wonder if the lake is still clean?

Then Thursday I am going up to Kamloops. For a week.
Had fun today with the family and nieces and nephews. Got really sun burnt, enjoyed the water though, drank too much rye and got into an arguement with some fundamentalists who were there have a party or something and trying to recruit me and others. I felt bad as I think I may of hurt some of their feelings, but the truth hurts I guess.

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