Power brown outs in Ontario

I was watching the news and I seen Ontario has privatized power service. And there will be brown outs soon, so watch out ontario!
It's a problem here, yes. Our provincial government has privatized energy services and royally messed up the situation here in Ontario.

What can you do though?
Live with it.
the interesting bit of this is, if they would have held onto it instead of selling it off, they would make more money in the long run, but then again, we're only worried about short term and to look good with a surplus so we can say "hey we did really good, we had all this surplus money last term, re-elect us" and the peon will forget their gas/hydro bills go skyrocketting up tripple..
the brownouts have started. I was on the net a few days ago and there were several, I believe, as everthing dimmed. Happened maybe 4 times that evening.
Yep yep.. I've noticed my computer has rebooted several times in the past 10-14 days. Funny though, my TV clock has not been reset except for once while my pooter has reboot many times.
Oh man I guess you guys live in California now. Bah I guess you wanted to mimmick Hydro Quebec in the way its being run and well got screwed in the end.

I guess we can always export power to you guys at a price heh

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