OK, what's up?

Bob Carrick
There have not been any posts for days now (4 to be exact) and even then it's one or two posts each day.

What's up?
maybe they just dont love you or they went away for the weekend.
hehe...i'm here
just doin homework and been on other forums
hows it going Bob?
Bob Carrick
Love me? I don't see how that has anything to do with it, since this is not my forum, nor my website.

Frusben - It took even you 2 days to reply to this post.
I've just been busy with other things. Like updating my windows xp box. lol
Bob Carrick
Ya, I did that the other day, did take a few hours. Then the additional 128 meg of RAm, but putting that in took minutes, it took me longer to figure out how to open my Dell case.
Hehe...I don't like any brand names like Dell or IBM...I buy all my parts are put it together myself
Bob Carrick
I'm telling you, Dell PCs rock. This is my second (I buy new every 3 years) and everyone else ever looking for a PC, I tell them Dell. Sometimes you are just paying for the name, but with Dell you get a really good PC, with good quality parts.
Dell is an awesome system. Its all I buy, and I can quite frankly say in all the years I've used Dell systems I've never had any problems aside from a hard drive crash and they expressed me a new pre-configured harddrive for my system and I had it within 24hours of calling them.

AWESOME systems, awesome support and awesome service. Dell 0wnz