Runaway diplomat wife’s disgraceful evasion of justice shames America

PIERS MORGAN: Runaway diplomat wife’s disgraceful evasion of justice shames America - send back your sniveling coward, Mr President, and make her face the consequences of her deadly actions

The wife of a US diplomat in Britain ran over and killed a 19-year-old boy while driving the wrong way down a road. After initially signalling that she would co-operate in the investigation, Anne Sacoolas suddenly disappeared. It turned out she flew back to the U.S. after claiming diplomatic immunity, reportedly on the advice of the U.S. Embassy. Under the 1961 Vienna Convention, diplomats and their family members are typically immune from prosecution in their host country. So, Ms Sacoolas has exercised her right under this agreement to flee Britain, and justice, and has done so with the full backing of the United States authorities that have so far resisted calls from British police to waive her immunity, as they are empowered to do in exceptional circumstances. This means that Harry Dunn's parents, already suffering the unimaginable agony of losing their son, are now facing a second horror - the likelihood that the person who caused their pain may never face any accountability for their actions. It's a scandal that shames America.

Good luck

You'll find that you have to sue her in her home state
Poor Tories. They never thought Donny Dipshit would turn on them. . .