The previous solar system .. insights

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There had been a solar system before the present one .. its sun was somewhat smaller than the present sun .. its planets were fewer than the present planets. (Perhaps there were 7 planets in the previous solar system, maybe..)

I am going to give valuable knowledge about the previous solar system and the previous doomsday ..

In comparison to the present solar system, and the coming Doomsday.

deriving such information from the valuable book: The Universe and the Quran

written in Arabic by the coming Apostle of the Christ: Mohammed-Ali Hassan Al-Hilly who will come and restore all things:

"Matthew 17:11 King James Version (KJV)
11 And Jesus answered and said unto them, Elias truly shall first come, and restore all things."

So Elijah (or Elias or Elia) is the synonym of Ali in Arabic, while part of the name of the Mahdi is Ali (He is Mohammed-Ali)
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Therefore, think and contemplate about "Elia will restore all things!"

But now I'll pass over this, and return to our topic: The previous solar system and what happened in the previous doomsday ..

because this will give insight about the coming Doomsday .. and about the diversity of life on the Earth continents.
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The diversity of life on the Earth continents :

To atheists and materialists such diversity is because of the Evolution and natural selection, as they assert and claim insistently.

While in fact, the life on our Earth came from at least 4 broken up past planets of the previous solar system .. such planets were inhabited by all forms of life: plants, animals and man.

Then when the previous solar system was destroyed in the previous doomsday .. some pieces of the broken up planets fell on the Earth, and brought the life to our Earth (and in the same way to the rest of the present planets.)

" The meteorites, which carried life to our Earth, were four and from four broken up planets , so that each one of those meteorites fell down on one part of the Earth, then God – be exalted – created from each meteorite one human race. For this reason, mankind are four races"
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Origin of Earth and the present planets :

When the previous Doomsday occurred, the previous sun exploded and divided into nine pieces .. these pieces were attracted by the nearest sun (our sun), and so these pieces became the nine planets of our solar system.

These pieces which became the planets, were irregular at the start, they had projections which separated to form the moons of the planets.

Then the water formed on these planets to fill the basins of the oceans and seas, so these planets assumed more and more the spherical shape.
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Sequence of events in the Earth formation :

The following ayat describe the steps of the Earth formation until it became spherical with its atmosphere, oceans and mountains:

Quran 79: 27-33, which mean:
(27. Are you the harder to [re-]create, or is the firmament that He did construct [making it seven layers?]
28. He raised its high layers [and lowered its low layers], and arranged them [into seven layers.]
29. And darkened its night [by the setting of the sun], and brought forth its day [by the sun light.]

30. And afterwards, He increased [the thickness of the cold crust of] the earth.

31. [And He] produced, from the [earth], the water thereof and the pasture thereof.

32. and the mountains He settled firmly [on the earth.]

33. [And He made the water and the plant, which He produced from the earth] a provision for you and for your cattle.)

More explanation is in the link:
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Here is the recitation of these marvelous ayat of the Quran
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One Doomsday or more?

There had been seven successive Doomsdays, in which seven solar systems had successively been destroyed: the sun together with the planets and moons of each solar system.

The coming Doomsday will be the eighth one.

These Doomsdays are similar in their courses, causes, consequences and results.
And each Doomsday will cause the destruction of a solar system, then the issuing of a new solar system
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So what's this Doomsday?

"Doomsday is the day in which the Sun will tear up to [form the new] planets,

while the present planets – together with the Earth – will break up to [become the] meteorites,

and the mountains will be smashed into scattered dust.

It is the day in which all the material creatures will die, so that none will survive on the surface of the Earth and the other planets.

It is the day in which the solar system, as a whole, will be broken up into pieces,

then the souls will leave the Earth and scatter in the space, while nothing will remain on the destroyed Earth except dead corpses.

On that day, the ‘gathering-together’ or the ‘congregation’, the Judgment, the recompense and the admission into Paradise or hell for all people."
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Here is the recitation of some ayat of the Quran describing such awesome events:
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More about the diversity of living beings on earth

God - be glorified - said in the Quran 13: 4 which means:
(There are, in the earth, pieces [not from the earth in origin] adjacent [in place] to each other a , and gardens of vines b ..etc.)
.................................................. ...........................
4 a i.e. they neighbored each other; they are the meteorites which fell on the earth to become the mountains, then when the rain came down on them, the plant grew.
4 b Were formed on those mountains.

Therefore, the meteorites which came from planet 1 for example, might have fallen on Australia and the eastern part of China and the islands to the east of China --> for this reason, we see certain kinds of animals and plants in Australia, like the kangaroo and the panda etc. + the Yellow human race.

While the meteorites which came from the broken up planet 2 for example might have fallen on the central Asia, which lead to the appearance of other kinds of animals like the wolf, the cow, the camel etc. + the White human race.

Still other meteorites coming from another broken up planet might have fallen on Africa: so the African lion + the Black human race appeared in that region.

While on America, other meteorites which became the mountains might have lead to the appearance of the Red human race, in addition to the American lion, etc.

That is because the meteorites from each planet might have fallen and neighbored each other in certain continent.

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