NASA eyes asteroid's close encounter with Earth

NASA eyes asteroid's close encounter with Earth

According to the article it will be a near miss and they knew about this for a while and they like to tell us a couple of days before it happens.

I have to wonder will it be a near miss or not and what other floating rocks are going to brush by earth and will there be any effects that we should know about?

What do you think?
The information relating to 2005 - YU55 has been general knowledge on for awhile now.... Are you fear mongering? Because the information has always been available, it just has to be looked for.....
It will land on Israel and save us all a lot of bad TV and movies not to mention war.
They are calling it a "near miss", on it's closest approach it will be 324,600 kilometres away. Almost as far as
the distance between the Earth and the moon. I wouldn't cash the family teasure for a big party yet
What if it destroys the moon..
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What if it destroys the moon..

We will probably spin out of orbit. Nothing to worry about.... much.
Does this show that the gravity of the moon or earth has little to no effect on objects traveling around in space?

What exact time is the fly-by and which continent gets the best view.