Dr Eric MacLeod - Aberdeenshire, Scotland to Ontario.

I'm trying to trace a Dr Eric MacLeod who moved to Canada years ago. He will be retired now, probably around 75/80 and may have been a Psychiatrist.
I have no idea where in Ontario, so I wonder if there is somewhere "central" online I can go to look him up? I have tried 411 and there are far too many hits.
Thanks for any help.
There is a Dr. Eric C. MacLeod listed as being on a Psychiatric Board in Sudbury, Ontario. By the telephone listings the following comes up- dont know if this is who you want---good luck.

EC MacLeod

126 Hyland Dr,
Sudbury, Ontario P3E 1R6
Tel: 705- 674-0218

PS. If he owes you money, or there is some other reason why he wouldnt want to be found by you--- IM OUTA HERE!!!
I thank you. I believe you have the right person there. I will call and see, most likely later today. I'm in Scotland so a few (5?) hours ahead of Ontario. And no - he doesn't owe money to me but is a member of a family I'm trying to get tabs on. I'd already tried 411 but had no idea how to access resources like the one you used.
Thanks again.
Just remember----Ya never heard it from me!!!!
End of trail - got the right one - only he just left for 2 weeks vacation! Hmfff!!
Thanks all

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