Calgary, Will We Win It?

T. Rex
I don't know how to put a picture on the forum chat, but who thinks Calgary will take the stanley cup this year?

I am hoping with my fingers crossed that we will finally get some action here in Calgary since Toronto and montreal always get the attention. Heck, even vancouver gets more attention then us! Go Flames Go!
I can say, as a leafs fan, that I would love to see Calgary win. I'm almost sure that most of Canada is also rooting for Calgary, depending on your part of the country, though!

Good luck with your playoffs Calgary!
Go Tampa bay!! I hope Cavalier and Saint-Louis get their cup, they certainly deserve it.
Calgary all the way. They are the most under-rated team in the league and they rock. Good solid core of players and when someone gets injured someone else steps up to either that level of play or higher and helps drive their sucess. I hope they win, but even if they don't I can't wait to see them play next season..
Yeah, next season will probably be a huge change from how underrated and, I guess, unpopular they were this season.

We'll see! Time will tell us what happens, but I'm hoping for Calgary!
Hockey id Canadian so should be the CUP. GO Calgary GO.
they just won game 3. score was 3-0 and with some excellent saves by the goalie, i dunno his name.

go flames, go!
Kiprosoff (sp?) was UNBELIEVABLE! Truely one of the main reasons the Flames have made it this far. He's proved himself to be one of the best goaltenders in the league and he's out to make sure it sticks
There is a year of the monkey, the year of the snake...

But this year is the YEAR OF THE FLAMES!!!!!!!
Hi ... I believe its going to go 7 with the flames on top ... GO FLAMES GO !!!!
Just about everyone is sayin 7 games.

And I'm sayin Flames > Lightning in game 7.