Rob Ford; New Toronto Mayor

Good on you, Toronto. Let's hope this is the beginning of the rejuvination of this great city.

Premier Dullmop must be peeing his shorts.
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Ford laid a beating on Smitherman and Pantelone, now we'll have to see if Ford can find enough councilors to side with him on his goals.
Seems like the election of Rob Ford attracted the attention of Americans:

Tea Party, Toronto Style - HUMAN EVENTS
Ha! Not surprised the teabaggers are latching onto him. There's no better way to fight the establishment than to become part of it.
mentalfloss, why are you using the pejorative term "teabaggers"?

Would you be comfortable if someone with your mentality used terms like "krauts", "dagos", "rednecks", "polacks", "whiteys", "kikes", "bible thumpers", "religious nuts" or "crackers", etc. etc. ??

Yeah, you probably would be. You are a liberal. And the above are mostly straight white people.

Tell me that you would be just as comfortable to hear other groups of people referred to as "homos", "queers", "nappy headed ho's", "camel humpers" and "ni66ers"?

I myself don't subscribe to the liberal nonsense that "words hurt" because I am no longer in kindergarden and learned about sticks and stones.

But your ilk always insist on political correctness.

Would it be too much to ask that you practice what you preach?
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Quote: Originally Posted by YukonJack View Post

mentalfloss, why are you using the pejorative term "teabaggers"?

Pot meet kettle.
And secondly, shutup you stupid teabagger!

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