Toronto's downtown ablaze!!

A section of Toronto's downtown core is ablaze as firefighters struggle to get a six-alarm fire on Queen Street under control.

At one point, about 56 fire trucks and 150 firefighters were on the scene battling the fire as it burned out of control. At least eight storefronts have been destroyed.


Freezing conditions and slippery streets made it a challenge for crews to fight the fire as water froze to ice as soon as it hit the ground and the building.

Luckily, nobody got injured!
But what a mess! Buildings were completely flattened! Businesses gone!!

Full story here....
Just a couple of blocks north of my son's place. Glad it's out now. On hell of a blaze from what I've read. I've honestly never heard of a 6 alarm fire before.
Dukes a bicycle shop in business at that location for 95 years was one of those burnt down. Rumour has it a grow-op was the cause of the blaze.
Just the Facts

"It looks like 623, 625 and 627 Queen St. have collapsed," said Ratushniak in a morning telephone interview from the scene. "They have been completely flattened. There are no longer any buildings there."

Must have been thermite!!

Sorry, I know I shouldn't joke about tragedy, but I couldn't resist that one.

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