Toronto Mayor Ford to retreat from controversial cuts

Did I say libraries?

No no...there was a misunderstanding. What I meant was blah, blah, blah...

Library closings will not be part of Rob Fordís money-saving plans and no child will lose a daycare subsidy, says a member of his inner circle, the first sign that Torontoís mayor is stepping back from the most controversial cost-cutting proposals as he begins to steer his austerity agenda through city council.

The cityís powerful executive committee, chaired by the mayor and filled with his supporters, will begin meeting Monday morning for what is expected to be an around-the-clock session, with about 300 members of the public signed up to talk. It will consider a long list of penny-pinching measures Ė everything from ending a small fund that co-ordinates Christmas gifts for needy children, to closing museums and reducing snow clearing and grass cutting.


Toronto Mayor Ford to retreat from controversial cuts - The Globe and Mail
Ford Nation is no where to be found these days.

That took what.. less than a year?

This guy is toast.
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Ford has managed to alienate even right leaning members of council and not to mention the moderates. The whole portlands thing was totally un-needed, do we really need a ferris wheel and shopping mall, scraping the current plan and doing it behind councils back? Brother Doug needs to slow down with his aspirations, I don't think Rob is bright enough to keep up with his puppeteer.
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So he's proving himself to be a politician is he? Shocker.

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