Two More; The Continued Cost

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two more.
the continued cost.

This weekend, we found out that Corporal Francisco Gomez and Corporal Jason Warren lost their lives serving the interests of Canada in the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan ; eight other members of the Canadian Forces were injured, at the hands of suicide bombings.

This seems to raise the question—how much of a cost are we, as Canadians, prepared to pay for the restoration of peace and order in nations such as Afghanistan, as situations in other nations such as the Republic of the Sudan , the State of Israel , the Palestinian Authority , the Republic of Iraq , and the Lebanese Republic continue to degrade? Are we making progress, or is that entire region of our Earth descending deeper into madness?

This brings to mind comments released today by The Honourable Bill Graham , P.C. , M.P. , the Member for Toronto Centre and the Leader of Her Majesty's Loyal Opposition . Mr. Graham commented on the role that the Forces play in safeguarding Canadian values from threats abroad. However, how far can our own values be deemed to extend? Do our nation's values extend everywhere, or only where Canadians are present?

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The Hon. Bill Graham[/color], P.C., M.P.,]On behalf of the Liberal Party of Canada and our Parliamentary caucus, I would like to express my sincere sorrow at the news of the deaths of Cpl. Francisco Gomez and Cpl. Jason Patrick Warren. These brave men died serving their country and protecting the values we all cherish. We extend our deepest sympathies to their families, friends and comrades as they cope with this tragedy.

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Nonetheless, if violence in these areas continues to become more aggressive as it has, then it would seem that these regions are headed on a one-way road to all-out warfare. When this happens, are the reconstruction efforts and interventions by our Forces even going to be recognized, in the wake of the terror that could ensue? Is our effect in Afghanistan truly going to be long-lasting?

Lives are being lost on all sides—however, there are some who would suggest that Canada's lives should not be included in these formulae. Perhaps this is correct, and perhaps it isn't; should Canada continue to put its Forces and its own people at risk in order to restore a semblence of order in Afghanistan, or are the costs of this intervention outweighing whatever the results of the mission may be?

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Bill Graham has little credibility and when it comes to protecting Canadian values I would like to see a credible Liberal offering on exactly what those values are and their record in securing them.
Lebanon in a few short weeks of fighting is losing the infrastructure it took years to rebuild. Whatever Afghanistan boasts of such will just as easily be lost once hostilities broaden. It's a mug's game for Canadian troops there.
It is disturbing to witness what our armed forces are enduring in this blighted, nasty piece of geography and the ultimate sacrifice paid by some. And all to placate the warped sensibilities of folk like Mr. Graham.