Here is an excerpt from Michael Ruppert latest essay. Indeed, we can't change the past election results and there is no more democracy in America.

The Day to Forget the November 2nd Election Forever is November 3rd

The rest of the world has known for some time that it is pointless to oppose this Empire either militarily or electorally. They haven't the resources for the former and are legally barred from the latter. I think it's time the American people adopted the same philosophy. We are, after all, legally barred from inspecting electronic voting machines. The rest of the world has been fighting with money and public relations because these tactics work and work well. This is a lesson that American activists and true patriots should have learned four years ago. Now the tempo of battle will increase just as surely as the stakes have been raised both globally and domestically for us all.

While everyone waits for the administration's first move a Rubicon has been crossed and there is no turning back. America will fight for oil wherever it feels the need.

Now the real Fourth World War begins. Sorry to disappoint all the scriptwriters and futurists who were thinking exclusively in terms of bombs, plagues, famine etc. The first weapons of mass destruction in this war will be economic and they will be devastating beyond imagination.

The biggest blessing today is that the disillusionment is so deep, so fundamental, that at last people who have bound themselves to ineffective political strategies may rethink their deeper core beliefs; their beliefs about what America was supposed to be versus what it has become. They will redraw their maps. Perhaps with that process - painful as it might be - will also come a willingness to abandon strategies which no longer work for entirely different ones that do. In order for that to happen, however, those on the so-called left, as well as those conservative and libertarian voices who wanted to return a degree of sanity to the Republican party, will have to admit that America is not America anymore.

We are living in a foreign land; a nation that is behaving like our enemy; a nation which has weaknesses and vulnerabilities.

This nation is so deeply divided that the words "civil war" stand for a possibility that is longer remote. Next year, even the next few months, will reveal these deep and irreconcilable divisions. The electoral process is dead. Only the fear that there is nothing to replace it except revolution and bloodshed will prevent people from seeing that there are different ways to fight; ways that should have been adopted four years ago. The rest of the world knows that physical force is not effective in this struggle and the rest of the world has something to teach us. We will look anew perhaps at the Second Amendment to the Constitution, but it is in what's left of the First that we will find our strength. The freedom of association includes within it the right to decide where and how to spend our money.

As a man who has written a book charging the President and especially the Vice President, the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs, the Commander of NORAD, the Secretary of Defense, the Attorney General and the former Directors of Central Intelligence and the FBI with multiple counts of premeditated murder, it is my belief that it is foolish to wait and see what the administration does. Now is the time to attack, and to attack with all of the vigor our movement and our wounded, offended spirits can muster. It is our best means of self healing. If we cut and run now, we die.

As soon as we can reasonably arrange it, I am throwing all of our meager funds for a book tour into one large, well-publicized book signing in Washington, D.C. Rubicon's publisher just did not have the resources to fund a book tour. I am going to ask for all the back-up and support I can get, for as many of you to come to Washington as possible, because I am going there - to the city where Bush, Cheney and Rove rule; the city where I was born - to stand up and publicly accuse them and others of murder: multiple counts, and with premeditation.

The world will be watching and your dollars made that possible.

There's a great first rule in economic warfare. It's exactly the same reason why flight attendants instruct people to put on their oxygen masks before assisting others when an airliner's cabin depressurizes. To save the world you must save yourself first. The way you start to fight with money is to get out of debt. If that means simplifying your life then that's good anyway, you'll use less energy.

It is already becoming clear that as Peak Oil becomes a stark reality, survival will become a place-based, local phenomenon. Local economies, to the degree that they exist and are flourishing will provide strength to resist what is coming. Everyone who sees this essay should compare the return on investment they got with the election against something that offers more payoffs, an opportunity to become real, independent actors on the fields of their own lives.
Reverend Blair
Sorry, can't do it. My grandmother explained this shit to me in a kitchen in a basement in house so close to the tracks that the whole ****ing thing shook every time a train went by.

I'll just keep doing what's right. Kind of like a Woody Guthrie tune, but with a twist.
Ruppert's point is they (US citizens) can challenge the election all they want and there is an impressive amount of evidence of questionable activity but nothing will change result.

The supreme court is co-opted.

Ruppert's comments tie in with his philosophy for debunking 9/11 - forget all the physcial evidence as he's been through this before battling the CIA.

They will simply ignore it or dismiss it by buying an 'expert' with a different point of view. That is why with 9/11 he's destroyed the government story by revealing with their own lies and evidence tampering.

The election is over - that battle is over. People who care know it was rigged. At this stage it makes no sense wasting energy on something that cannot be changed.

We must attend to the next battle.
This is not smart ass but just an observation. Yes we can all agree that the election in the states was not good. But even though we live in a great country, this is not utopia. We have real problems right here in our own country that we should be looking at and dealing with. And since this is a free country, I can still express my own opinion, right or wrong its mine. And I see alot of blood lusting, a lynch mob mentality. It reminds of animal farm. Just my own opinion.
BTW, SNAP OUT OF IT! is the title of the essay not my instructions to everyone.

But I do agree with Ruppert. What's done is done and there was no surprise to any From the Wilderness subscribers of the outcome of the election.

We can wallow in the past election or fight the god's on Mt. Olympus for our future.
Few animals are willing to broaden their horizons and this makes them vulnerable to the pigs who are armed with knowledge. The pigs’ exploitation of the other animals is achieved though a skilful use of language.
The irony is so many people have fallen for Bush but he doesn't HAVE any skilful language

Bush misspeaks,. says his administration seeking 'new ways to harm our country'

Man, some are such a sorry bunch flock of sheep.
Just the Facts
Free Thinker
Quote: Originally Posted by vista

The irony is so many people have fallen for Bush but he doesn't HAVE any skilful language

Bush misspeaks,. says his administration seeking 'new ways to harm our country'

Salim Mansur had an interesting insight into just this phenomenon:

"When someone is honestly 55% right, that's very good and there's no use wrangling. And if someone is 60% right, it's wonderful, it's great luck, and let him thank God. But what's to be said about 75% right? Wise people say this is suspicious. Well, and what about 100% right? Whoever says he's 100% right is a fanatic, a thug, and the worst kind of rascal."

George Bush is the sort of man who is 55% right, as were Ronald Reagan and Harry Truman.

Americans gave Bush the largest number of total votes in U.S. electoral history this week, 58.9 million, or 51% of the total vote count.

Yet the disdain for Bush among lib-left intellectuals and the Michael Moore/Hollywood crowd is indicative of those possessing a view of themselves being 75% right or more. It is such self-assuredness that breeds contempt for ordinary folks who make the world go round.
Telling people exactly what to think achieved through effective use of language and propaganda, is not only an american trait.
Propaganda = the deliberate and organised spread of information to make sure that people unquestioningly believe what you want them to believe.

This is basically a method of convincing others of the truth of your arguments.
A rhetorical question is a question that does not require an answer but is used to try and emphasise a particular point. One does not have to think for oneself, and so in other words you submit to someone else’s authority. George orwell was a brilliant human being.

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