'Nude Mona Lisa' found in Paris

'Nude Mona Lisa' found in Paris
First posted: Friday, September 29, 2017 01:08 PM EDT | Updated: Friday, September 29, 2017 03:33 PM EDT
PARIS — There’s something vaguely familiar about this charcoal sketch of a woman’s face and nude torso — could it be an unclothed precursor to the Mona Lisa?
French government art experts are trying to find out, analyzing the sketch in a laboratory beneath the Louvre Museum to see if Leonardo da Vinci himself drew it before painting his 16th century masterpiece.
The sketch, previously attributed to Leonardo’s students, is part of a collection at the Musee Conde du Domaine de Chantilly museum north of Paris. Museum curator Mathieu Deldicque said on BFM television Friday that there are signs it was drawn by Leonardo himself.
He noted the position of the subject’s hands, and the “enigmatic smile.” But he acknowledged differences, including the way she holds her chest and the hairstyle.
The Mona Lisa oil painting, among the world’s greatest art treasures, hangs in the Louvre.
Art historians believe Leonardo drew or painted a nude version of the Mona Lisa. Deldicque acknowledged that the belief is feeding hopes that the Chantilly museum’s sketch was indeed made by Leonardo’s hand.
“We know that da Vinci created a nude version,” the curator said. “We don’t where the work of the master is.”
“There are two mysteries” around this sketch, he said. “The author, and the meaning of this nude Mona Lisa.”
The government-run Center for Research and Restoration of the Museums of France says its experts are studying the sketch and that it will stay out of the public eye until the examination is complete.
Could the charcoal sketch of a woman’s face and nude torso, right, be an unclothed precursor to the Mona Lisa? (Handout photos)

'Nude Mona Lisa' found in Paris | World | News | Toronto Sun
'Mona Lisa, my p----, my copyright'; Woman who bared genitals in front of painting to stand trial
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First posted: Saturday, September 30, 2017 09:19 AM EDT | Updated: Saturday, September 30, 2017 09:26 AM EDT
A French performance artist's sexual display in front of the Mona Lisa has landed her in some hot water.
According to the U.K. Metro, performer Deborah De Robertis exposed her genitals in front of Leonardo da Vinci's famed painting this past Sunday.
De Robertis reportedly shouted, “Mona Lisa, my p----, my copyright” as gallery visitors gawked and snapped photos.
The artist was eventually dragged away by a security guard but not before she bit him. As a result, De Robertis was charged with sexual exhibitionism and assault.
A French judge has now ordered her to stand trial Oct. 18, the New York Post reported.
“The goal was not to exhibit my genitals but to copy a famous photograph by Valie Export,” De Robertis told U.K. Metro, referencing a circa 1970s Austrian performance artist known for her sexually charged acts.
“My message is to question the place of women artists in the history of art. That's why it's necessary to do my performances in museums.”
De Robertis' lawyer, Marie Dose, stated the charges against her client are “scandalous”, noting it's not exhibitionism if there is “no wish to assault someone sexually, which is completely contrary to the work of this performance artist.”
It's not the first time De Robertis has garnered attention for her raunchy public displays.
She did something similar in front of the Mona Lisa this past April. In February, a judge acquitted De Robertis of past performances at the Museum of European Photography and the Decorative Arts Museum.
In August at the Musée d’Orsay, De Robertis laid down nude in front of Edouard Money's painting of Olympia, the U.K. Metro reported.
French performance artist Deborah De Robertis will stand trial after exposing her genitals in front of the Mona Lisa painting this past Sunday at The Louvre in Paris, France. (Deborah De Robertis/Facebook)

Woman who exposed her genitals in front of Mona Lisa to be prosecuted | Metro News
Authorities want X-rated Mona Lisa protester to stand trial | New York Post
'Mona Lisa, my p----, my copyright'; Woman who bared genitals in front of painti
Curious Cdn
That's an interesting public utility that they've opened up in Paris.
So the smile was from the blow-job she just finished. Thankfully he left the dribble out.

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