British piggate scandal rocks #10 downing

12 Tweets Chronicling the Internet's Reaction to David Cameron's #PigGate

Efforts to locate the pig in question have been fruitless. Until and if the animal comes forward with charges no investigation will be commenced. An unrelated pig from the same neigborhood has said she thought the pig in question had perhaps died in a meat packing plant accident in the eighties after a short troubled life plagued by depression and regret of a wasted youth filled with wild parties and drug abse.
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It's strange how the Porkgate scandal resembles a scene from British dark satirical series Black Mirror in which the PM shags a pig.

The Channel 4 programme began with an episode entitled The National Anthem, in which a Prime Minister, Michael Callow (Rory Kinnear), must have sexual intercourse with a pig on live national television.

Charlie Brooker responds to claims he KNEW David Cameron put 'private part in pig' when writing Black Mirror - Mirror Online

Ryan @Irish_Fart14

"Yesterday I was farming when my clothes accidently fell off & my genitals accidently entered a pigs mouth" #piggate
9:53 AM - 21 Sep 2015 · Bangor, Northern Ireland, United Kingdom
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The UK deserve a good laugh and the most deserving target of non other than Pork Prod Cameron.
Walking that line again he is.