November 2 come and gone, another action for you

If you're still feeling a bit railroaded, use this link in order to easily send a request to U.S. officials to get cracking concerning the investigation into corrupt voting practices.
Investigate Electronic Voting Machines

Now that November 2 has come and gone, some disturbing reports of
problems with electronic voting machines have surfaced.

Click here to take action!

Thanking You in Anticipation, Edgerunner.
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Part and parcel of the United North Americas
Haggis McBagpipe
Edgerunner, that's one of my favourite sites! Anyway, I hadn't signed before because I kind of thought they probably only want US citizens participating?

Anyway, GOOD for everybody who does send that!
Free Thinker
Yeah, I believe it is only for US citizens. You can only sign it if you live in a state.
You are wrong, Andem. Sponsored by which is a world based organization. There is an intermediate site in there you can join. CHECK IT OUT!!!!!

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