US Election Day Supply List

Reverend Blair
I just checked to make sure I had everything I need for watching the election. Here's the list.

1-pouch Borkum Riff pipe tobacco
1-freshly cleaned Falcon pipe
3-disposable lighters
4-packages Marlboro Red Packs (yeah, yeah...I'll quit again tomorrow)
4-mini kegs of wheat beer
1-box of CO2 cartridges
18-bottles of Two Rivers Red
24-soft drinks
3-remotes (radio, TV, VCR)
1-digital mini-recorder
Assorted pens and pencils (mostly for throwing at right-wing pundits on TV)

That should get me through until supper, I think.
Free Thinker
I think I'd survive on a carton of Gauloises and a 40 of Vodka incase Bush wins.

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