Woman turns discarded vagina skin into jewelry

Woman turns discarded vagina skin into jewelry
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First posted: Sunday, October 01, 2017 11:00 AM EDT | Updated: Sunday, October 01, 2017 11:06 AM EDT
A British blogger has used excess skin from a recent vaginal surgery to create some bling for her neck.
According to the U.K. Sun, London, England had a procedure to lob off excess skin from her vagina after it caused her painful problems for close to three decades.
Tracy Kiss told the U.K. Metro she experienced pain in her private area while working out at the gym.
“I visited my doctor with pain from training at the gym which felt like a burning sensation down below,” Kiss said. “It turned out to be a cyst caused by friction because of my protruding labia and he advised I have it surgically removed.”
After undergoing a labiaplasty – a procedure to reduce the size of her labia – Kiss decided to keep the discarded vaginal skin and turn it into a memorable charm.
Preserving the excess skin in a jar for several months, Kiss blinged it up by sprinkling it in glitter then poured a clear resin over it to create a pendant. She then created a hole and threaded a string in through it to fashion a necklace.
Kiss documented the pendant making process in a step-by-step video on YouTube.
WARNING: Video contains graphic scenes
The woman said she's passionate about the subject of female genital surgery and hopes the jewelry will be a conversation starter.
"Its contents may not be immediately obvious to the unsuspecting eye or to everybody’s taste," Kiss told the U.K. Sun. "but that’s the beauty of it."
British blogger Tracy Kiss used excess labia skin from a recent surgery to create jewelry. (Twitter/misstracykiss)

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