Animals found dead without their ears in Manitoba

Animals found dead without their ears in Manitoba
First posted: Tuesday, March 28, 2017 10:11 PM EDT | Updated: Tuesday, March 28, 2017 10:16 PM EDT
BRANDON, Man. — Police in southwestern Manitoba are investigating more cases of animals found dead with their ears cut off.
Brandon RCMP say three coyotes and a raccoon were discovered in the same area where a pony’s remains were found a few days ago.
A dead goat was along the same road in the Rural Municipality of Whitewater, about 15 kilometres south of Brandon.
Mounties say the same woman came across all the animals.
No further details are being released.
Police investigators are working with the province’s chief veterinary office.
RCMP Const. Tyler Schryvers said the goat was the first carcass to be found late last week.
“It was unusual because the legs were bound behind and the ears were also removed,” he said.
“It’s unclear exactly how long the animal was there for, but we think with the thawing snow it could have been for a little bit of time.”
It’s not known when the other animals were left as there were different levels of snow cover.
Animals found dead without their ears in Manitoba | Canada | News | Toronto Sun
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Did Two Men Cut off a Dog's Ears?
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More Muzzie terrorism.

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There is a bounty on coyotes. Dollars to donuts says the goat and racoon were used as bait and rodents or birds ate the ears.