Alberta dude fends off cougar with bear spray and cat-like reflexes


yeah, anyway...pretty sure it wasn't our besocked red rose friend.

A quick-acting Alberta man escaped a close encounter with two wild cougars by whipping out a can of bear spray to keep the prowling cats at bay.

Donny Stone, 35, stumbled upon the cougars while out for a jog in a rural area outside Grande Prairie, Alta. Stone, who is an avid runner, says he's "always wanted" to see a cougar in the wild, but the reality proved to be more frightening than he expected.

Stone first spotted the cougars crossing the jogging path in front of him, but after they disappeared into the trees, he wanted to catch another glimpse of the elusive cats. The veteran outdoor jogger, who has been trained in how to deal with wild animal encounters, switched on a video camera and went back up the jogging path in hopes of finding the cougars.

video and everything here:

Jogger fends off cougar with bear spray, cat-like reflexes | CTV News
bill barilko
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He sounds like frightened little child if he was a Real Albertan he would have bared his teeth, flexed his muscles and the cat would have run.
That line is usually reserved for imports from Ontario and the like. While they are doing that the other people quickly and quietly run away. One side will be able to tell the story.
Weird that the cats were together. Cougar are usually solitary unless they're doing the courtship thing or a mum teaching cub to hunt.
Silly time of the day to go running in a place where cougar are, too, because they like hunting in evening and dusk.
the expert said "it's strange that they'd attack" except that the jogger was "cautiously moving away from them back turned. You can see that because he's turned around to spray the cougar.

Cougars prey drive is triggered by running/walking, moving away. It's the first thing you should learn when in cougar country. Don't turn you back on them and, don't run away. Never turn your back on any big cat:

We had a cougar attack recently on Van Isl. 2 year old in her back yard was attacked. Not so strange though. Cougars are known to go after children. They're small.

Vancouver Island cougar attacks toddler in family's yard - British Columbia - CBC News