Migrating to Canada : life cost.

Hi guys,

I am working for a multinational Company that has its Canadian subsidiary in Montreal, too.

I am much interested in getting there. I love Canada. And moving to Montreal is a great opportunity to access your country (Skilled Worker program), make my English and French speaking better (I am Italian), besides the pleasure of meeting a new culture.

I would like to know about life cost in Montreal. Can you tell me about public Healtcare services ? And how much for renting a flat (an idea) ?

How much money (a year) are enough to live there ?
Thanks a lot,

Not from montreal, so afraid I can not be of too much help. I'd suggest searching for some montreal websites or forums or the city's government site on the web. As a quick thought, you could try www.cbc.ca
Thats our public tv station's website, you can chose a regional setting. Set it to Montreal and it should give you some local links and such to aid you.
Canada has a public health system, Quebec is part of it... but I think they head it under a different name, something that is just to their province. Not sure on that tho.

I typed montreal website into google.ca and it brought up numerous pages.

Try some of these:





best of luck

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