This soora is one of the earliest sooras revealed to Prophet Mohammed

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Soora 74 is one of the earliest sooras of the Quran revealed to Prophet Mohammed - salam to him; it gives proof of his truthfulness for everyone fair and truthful with himself and with others:

[The Prophet was sleeping in his bed covered with his blankets, when Gabriel came down to him by night, and started to recite to him and say:]
Quran 74: 1. O you [: Mohammed] covering yourself [with your blankets!]
2. Arise, and warn [your people against worshipping the idols a.]
3. And magnify [and glorify] your Lord.
4. And purify your clothes [from the dirt and filth.]
5. And [after having warned them] forsake those b saying 'derisive poetry' [against God’s messenger.] c
6. And bestow not charity and boast with it. d
7. But forbear [the hurt of your people, and let that be] for [the sake of] your Lord e.
8. And when the ‘percussion [surface: the Horn’] is percussed. f
9. That [percussion] shall be then [a proclamation of] a distressful day.
10. [Which] will not be easy for disbelievers [but will be severe.]
.................................................. .............................
2 a And invite them to worship God Most Gracious.
5 b This aya was revealed concerning them.
5 c And I ensure that I will take revenge against them.
6 d i.e. do not boast or taunt, to the one whom you give alms, in a way that you consider your offering is much.
7 e And He will reward you in the Next Life.
8 f The Arabic word in the aya indicates the percussing on a wide drum.
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Comment about this great soora:

It clearly indicates the truthfulness of Prophet Mohammed .. he was wrapped with his blankets in his bed so as to sleep .. and then the angel came to tell him: Arise .. it is not time for sleeping but for warning .. so arise and carry out your duty!

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