Has anyone noticed that the moon looks strange lately?


There is buzz on youtube that the moon just looks like a huge lightbulb and it is facing south. Has anyone noticed anything bizarre about the moon and our skies lately?
Nope, the Moon looks pretty much the exact same as it did when I was a wee lad.

Rather then relying on easily and possibly doctored/edited YouTube videos that don't normally consist of the best quality or reliability.... how about you look outside some night and see with your own eyes if it looks any different, rather then relying on "Buzz" on YouTube?

And hows does a Sphere have a face to point in any direction?
As far as I know it has looked the same since that Muslim guy saw it split in half and then rejoin.
well, we still have a few years before they decide to try and put people living on it and then accidentally slice it in half, causing the world to go into the dark ages!

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