Facebook's Mark Zuckerberg's privacy on line.....

Mark Zuckerberg's privacy on line as The Social Network release draws near | News.com.au


FACEBOOK creator Mark Zuckerberg may soon have some uncomfortable privacy issues of his own to deal with.

A movie about his life due for release in October portrays the billionaire geek as a sex-mad "borderline-autistic" conniver, according to Times Online .

Based on the Ben Mezrich's novel The Accidental Billionaires, The Social Network is directed by Fight Club's David Fincher.

It's based around a court hearing in which the birth of Facebook is recounted as Zuckerberg battles twins Cameron and Tyler Winklevoss, who were early financial supporters of the fledgling social network.

Zuckerberg is played by Zombieland's Jesse Eisenberg, with Justin Timberlake starring alongside as Napster creator Sean Parker.

While the film is a dramatisation, it contains plenty of uncomfortable moments for Zuckerberg, such as suggestions Parker preyed on the teenager's sexual insecurity by helping him garner "groupies".

The site and its owner have come under increasing pressure during the past few months for rolling out changes to its privacy settings which have many onlookers claiming Facebook has lost respect for its users' privacy.

Zuckerberg himself is faced with mounting animosity after tales of his blase attitude toward users emerge, including the release last week of a message exchange in which he calls users of the original network, TheFacebook, "dumb f..ks" for trusting him with their personal information.

That period in Zuckerberg's life is recreated in The Social Network in deeply personal detail.

It tells how Zuckerberg retreated to his Harvard University dorm after being dumped by his girlfriend Erica.

“You will go through life thinking that girls don’t like you because you’re a tech geek,” she tells him in the movie.

“I want you to know, from the bottom of my heart, that that won’t be true.

"It’ll be because you’re an asshole.”

According to Times Online, Zuckerberg is "horrified" at the current negativity surrounding him and Facebook, which has a policy of never engaging in gossip regarding its founder's personal life.

That may all be about to change as The Social Network's release date draws nearer.

He he... sounds interesting to watch.... and of course if that quote was indeed true in regards to what he said about the people who make up the very thing that gives him a pay cheque, well Karma's a bitch and he sounds like a true arsepucker.

Then again, that's typical of a nerd who's had a crappy childhood and school social life.... they get rich off their brains and creations, let it go to their heads, then they get all power trippy like they can't be touched, only to have it all bite them in the ass later down the road.
I'll watch a movie about him as soon as he gives enough of a **** to watch a movie about me.

I'll never understand people's fascination with rich people.
I think it's more of a facination with the deeply troubled people of this world and how they get to be who they are and what they are. That kind of movie does not interest me.
Well for the simple fact that he doesn't seem to give much thought on the privacy of those who fill his pockets by using his program, I think it's a bit ironic that a movie is made about him that exposes some of the not-so-flattering aspects of his own, private life.

Of course, I imagine the movie wouldn't be going ahead without his approval, since it is about him...... or maybe they went ahead in making the movie regardless and simply gave him the option to "Opt Out" after the fact, only to have an update a month later that resets his decision and he has to "Opt Out" again

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