Closing the collapse Gap

"The Collapse Gap"

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Guns and Butter

"The Collapse Gap" with Dmitry Orlov, author of "Reinventing Collapse - The Soviet Example and American Prospects". Dmitry Orlov's repeated travels to Russia throughout the early nineties allowed him to observe the aftermath of the Soviet collapse first-hand. Being both a Russian and an American, Dmitry was able to appreciate both the differences and the similarities between the two superpowers. Eventually he came to the conclusion that the United States is going the way of the Soviet Union. His emphasis is on all the things that can still be made to work, and he advocates simply ignoring all that will fall by the wayside.
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Closing the 'Collapse Gap'

The USSR was better prepared for collapse than the US

By Dmitry Orlov A lecture by Dmitry Orlov

First Published Dec 4 2006 by Energy Bulletin -- Good evening, ladies and gentlemen. I am not an expert or a scholar or an activist. I am more of an eye-witness. I watched the Soviet Union collapse, and I have tried to put my observations into a concise message. I will leave it up to you to decide just how urgent a message it is.

I wish I'd read that lecture in 2006, it would have saved me a lot of guess work and it is a very hopeful message when you get used to it.
I think the author is going to be somewhat disappointed.
Sure the USSR collapsed, but Russia is back and chugging along. Some might say it's all been a blip and once Russia gets with the democratic program, things will get much better for the world.
El Barto
here I thought this was a vaginal tightening spam thread
Quote: Originally Posted by El Barto View Post

here I thought this was a vaginal tightening spam thread

Is it not??
Quote: Originally Posted by Toro View Post

I think the author is going to be somewhat disappointed.

Possibly so, a functioning conscience will do that to even the most practical man, however he will be alive and progressing because of preparedness, many of our capitalist systems millions of addicts will be blissfully dead avoiding disapointment altogether. In the end a capitalist seems no different than a priest Toro, a common flogger of trust in an unseen benevolent hand.
It is in times like these that our faith and conductivity will be tested, it's the electric chair for the capitalists I'm afraid (not). I invested heavily in potatoes this spring, looks like gold now, especially snuggled up beside the fried chicken.

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