The Queen has bought her own drive-thru McDonald's in Berkshire.

The Crown Estate bought it for £92 million....

One's lovin' it ... how the Queen might look serving up Big Macs

Her Maj is a burger Queen

28 Jun 2008
The Sun

THE Queen has her own drive-through McDonald’s, The Sun can reveal.

Her Majesty became landlady this month when a retail park down the road from Windsor Castle was bought by the Crown Estate for £92million.

She can even SEE the royal burger bar across the Thames in Slough, Berkshire, from her State Apartments.

A McDonald’s insider proudly said yesterday: “We are delighted she chose us — rather than Burger King.

“The only trouble is the drive-through is one of our smaller ones so she’d have a job getting her Rolls-Royce round it.”

The Bath Road Retail Park is also home to a B & Q superstore plus branches of Comet, JJB Sports and Mothercare — all now on the Queen’s land.

Meal for One ... royal burger bar

Last night flunkies scoffed at the idea of Her Majesty popping out for a Big Mac.

A Windsor Castle source said: “I doubt royal courtiers will be sent out for takeaways either.

“However I’m sure below stairs staff wouldn’t grumble.”

The Crown Estate administers a supersized £7billion property portfolio for the Queen. Boss Jim Yates said of the latest addition: “We completed the purchase in just three weeks.”

Kevin O’Connor, a director of the firm which sold the retail park, said: “This is a good move for us.”

The McDonald’s source had one warning for the Queen if she does decide to eat there.

The insider said: “Dogs are not allowed inside — so the corgis will have to stay at home.”