Why our leaders make me sick, says unpolitically correct Jeremy Clarkson

Jeremy Clarkson, presenter of the BBC TV series "Top Gear" and a columnist for The Sun newspaper, is not renowned for his political correctness. He believes (correctly) that the world would be much better if the British Empire was still around, and he hates foreigners.....

Damn Foreigners ... Jeremy Clarkson says the world would be a better place if the British Empire was still around, and in the old days countries such as Iran and Sudan would never dare to f**k with us

Why our leaders make me sick

08 Dec 2007
The Sun

WE are all supposed to feel proud of our country.......even if we’re Belgian.

But as I huddled in a shop doorway last night, trying to keep my cigarette dry, I began to wonder what we in Britain have to be proud about exactly.

Our past? Not any more. We’re constantly told that our Empire - the greatest the world has seen - was actually built on the slave trade and that when we see an old globe we should blush as pink as the countries we invaded.

Our power? Today, our Armed Forces have been so run down by mean-spirited politicians, that in a bout of fisticuffs, we’d struggle to beat Finland.

Not that long ago, a country like Sudan would never have dreamed of banging up a British subject. Their president would have been bashed over the head with a hard-backed British passport and he’d have seen sense immediately. Not any more.

Our football team? I don’t think so.

So what about our world-famous sense of fair play? Well, as the Government hands out peerages in exchange for cash and then, when caught, takes donations from people’s dogs, you’d have to surmise, it’s gone. These days, the British Prime Minister spends most of his days being interviewed by the police.

Perhaps that’s why the South Yorkshire chief constable had his driving licence taken away. To prevent him from getting to London and bothering our supreme leader, Comrade Brown.

Not only has our intrinsic fairness gone, but so has any notion of living in a free country.

You can’t advertise drink on the radio without telling listeners to be responsible. You can’t advertise a burger if children might be watching. You can’t smoke indoors. You can’t use your dogs to kill a rat. You can’t tell a colleague at work he looks like a terrorist. You can’t reverse without a banksman directing you.

In Communist Russia, you could do everything you liked except vote. Here, voting is all we can do. But sadly, not for another two long and terrifying years.


On the roads, things are getting worse and worse.

There are psychopathic bus drivers, Government agents in Smart cars with all-round CCTV cameras to spy on your every move and highways officers in four-wheel-drive tanks.

Small wonder the roads are so crammed. They’re full of state officials spying on us and ticketing us and generally making life as unpleasant as possible.

And all the fines are poured into the NHS which used to be the envy of the world. Now it’s just a million meeting rooms full of flip chart idiots eating biscuits and talking management nonsense.

And no one can get the nurses to wash their hands properly so when our soldiers come back from a war that the Government started but won’t ever talk about, all we give them is a dollop of MRSA.

See what I mean? You can’t fly the flag any more because you’re called a racist. But truth be told, I don’t even want to any more.

British. Look at the word carefully. You’ll note half of it’s an anagram of s**t.

It's a sad state of affairs when critical self-examination reveals the truth and that truth doesn't make you go all goose-pimply and fuzzy-warm.

Britain is (at least the Britain that this article seems to pine for) was a nation willing and still willing to embrace prejudice and social heirarchy within its government its politics and its social "strata". If the measure of a nation is it's preparedness to wage war and promulgate the notion of it's being "superior" to all others.... Sorry Britain you'll have to take a back seat to the United States of Me First.

Mind you, their day is coming too....
Why can't you use your dog for killing rats?

This is just totally upsetting

Mine does mice and voles rather nicely, and last year a Chipmunk was a tad to slow.......RIP Chippy:

Cats she don't do, as they are bigger than her, mostly, but she would like to. Oh yes, she would like to.

Oh yes. God, she hates em.

Anyway, who gives a sh!t about us colonies anyways eh?

Up the empire!!!! Nevah shall be slaves, and all that.

Tosh tosh.

(cold steel.........Givem cold steel)
Hey Nuggler..

Good to hear from you!

I wonder how British folk felt about George W...saying "America is Israel and Israel is America"..... Do you think the Brits are still smarting from the Boston tea party... ?
When I was young we had proper British telly vision and a sence of commonwealth with our benevolent Imperial masters, I used to polish my dads sam browns and his high riding boots with pride. It's not like that anymore, please save us from the Americans, please.
Lord Black requires his British subjects to ready his five star cell in Britian as he has decided not to serve time in an American prison, citing dinning and toilet arrangements as not suitable for a personage such as himself.
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Lord Black requires his British subjects to ready his five star cell in Britian as he has decided not to serve time in an American prison, citing dinning and toilet arrangements as not suitable for a personage such as himself.


When did you find this sense of humor?
Hey Blackleaf... how did Hatton do against that "yank" he was supposed to "spank"?

Not too good I hear. How about a 10th round KNOCK OUT by the Yank. You might want to update your post a little.

To add insult to injury...Hatton was shown crying in the ring and wiping tears from his eyes!
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When did you find this sense of humor?