Moving to Vancouver from Italy

Hello to everyone,
I am Maddalena (37 years old) mother of Matilde (2) and wife of Daniele (33 years old) and we are from Genova Italy.
In june 2008 we will submit a request for Permanent Resident Visa in order to move to Vancouver as soon as possible so we can start a new life and give a better future to our daughter. My husband works in the High Tech field.
I would like to know which is the best neighborough in Vancouver to raise a child.... the safer one and family oriented.

We will rent a house... maybe a Townhouse. We are impressed from North Vancouver.... for the nature and tha possibility to make a lot of different sport, but I understand that it is quite expensive!!!! We read also about Coquitlam and Vancouver Island!!! We love outdoor activities...... the nature... walking... skiing... and I think we are very easygoing!!! and I hope to become a stay at home mum in order to be a better mum and wife!!!!
So we would like to start our new life in the best possible way... if we will get the VISA!!!!

May someone help us????? Any suggestion????

Thank You

Welcome to CanCon. Tsawwassen is an area worth looking into if he ends up working in Richmond. Good luck with your search.
I guess it depends on your finances and what your looking for in a neighbourhood. They're really are no "safe" neighbourhoods like there use to be. The lower mainland and Vancouver Island have all the same problems in all the neighbourhoods that are happening now. Some locations hide it better (Victoria for one)

Surrey is currently affordable, relatively safe (as safe as any other part of the lower mainland) has many different villages. Access to cheap fast transit. All the big named stores, many cozy little ones. Wonderful diverse group of people. In my neighbourhood I can eat at an Indian, Pakistani, Afghani, Vietnamese, Korean, Japanese, Phillipean, Mexican, Salvidorian or Greek restaurant and I can walk to them all!
My wife is Italian! She comes from Livorno and we met in Vancouver. She felt that there was much less crime in Vancouver than in Italy.

Where you want to live really depends a lot on where you end up working. The commute can be terrible and you should do all you can to avoid it.
Dreadful Nonsense
Try the British properties above N vancouver...
Ciao Magdalena,

My name is Fabiola and I'm planning to move to Vancouver from Montreal. So did you move how is everything ? Do you like Vancouver ? Your husband foun easily a job ?

Or you still living in the beautiful Italy?

Please let me know.
My husband is a second generation italian. He grew up in New Westminster, (queensboro) area. There is a very good italian community there, clean living,
not expensive, and very central to vancouver, coquitlam, surrey, easy access to
I lived there for eight years, when we were married, and it is a mixed community
of many different nationalities, many at that time were immigrants, but now I
would think it is mixed with many second and third generations as well.
There is an italian cultural society there, they have gatherings, cook large italian
banquet style meals, and all come to enjoy, not just italians.

Good luck, and welcome to canada.

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