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Hi Everyone,
Just what BC doesn't need. More easterners.
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Hi Everyone,

OK...a little about myself. I am originally from Toronto. I moved to Edmonton a year and half ago for work (I know, 'what the heck was I thinking?!'). Needless to say, I totally dislike the city and living here. Soooo, I've decided to make the move to Vancouver. I will be making the move on my own. I have a couple of friends in the city. I am in the Interior Design field. I have been working as a junior deisgner for an architectural firm for 1.5 years.

Just wanted to have a locals honest perspective on the city. I don't know too much about the city and living in Vancouver. All I really know that it is expensive to live in Vancouver and that it rains alot. Lol. Here are a few questions:

1. How is the Interior Design field in Vancouver? Busy??? Is there alot of job opporunties in this field?
2. How is the pay in comparison to living expenses?
3. What are some clean and safe (reasonably priced) neighbourhoods to live in?

Any other comments that my help are welcome.

Thanks in advance.

Wish I had advice to give, alas, I'm a 'soon to be' Edmontonian. lol.

Welcome to the group.
welcome tfaria. I live in edmonton, moved here from england in october. I like it here but I can see whya torontonian might not. Hope u have a good time in BC and never ever meet asagan again.

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