Deal Or No Deal is a big deal for the Queen

8 October 2006

The Queen is a fan of the Channel 4 gameshow Deal Or No Deal in which a contestant randomly opens boxes numbered from 1-22 to win money. The contestant can win anything from just 1 penny (if they are very unlucky) to 250,000. No-one has won the 250,000 yet and, apparently, the Queen desperately wants someone to win it.

THE Queen has a secret obsession - watching Noel Edmonds' TV game show Deal Or No Deal.

She is hooked on the big money guessing game and insists that everything stops for it at Buckingham Palace on weekday afternoons.

A Palace source said: "Everybody thinks the Queen only likes the horse racing on TV.

"But she has a very popular taste in light entertainment - and Deal or No Deal is her favourite.

"She is anxiously waiting to see a winner of the 250,000 first prize.

"She finds it exciting, fun and a pleasant antidote to all the bawdiness and swearing on other TV programmes."

The hit show began on Channel 4 a year ago. Contestants can win from 1p to 250,000 in 22 sealed boxes.

Host Noel, 57, said last night: "I'm delighted that like the rest of the nation the Queen is hooked on the show."
i won 5000 on that
God bless the Queen, she's human after all.
haha how could any human give rise to prince charles? must have been an alien abduction
Given what I see on all Canadian streets any time of the day,, Prince Charles is a tall fresh gulp of air. Have you not noticed the monsters on our streets?
Haha, that's awesome that the Queen likes "Deal or no Deal"
Did you Hermanntrude, wow, I watch that everyday,never miss it, and if I do i record it to watch, very hooked, so must have watched you too.
My friends uncle was on there also, he waited for 2 months before being picked and won 2400, which he took as a deal.
Well done!
i wasnt on the show i was on the viewers competition

every time i buy something i thank Noel
Still, wtg! Good luck with the move btw, Ill be back in Canada after xmas. Cant wait!

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