Tories' proposed environmental plan to include strong links

Tories' proposed environmental plan to include strong links to U.S.


The Harper government is developing a major environmental plan that would involve stronger co-ordination with the United States on key aspects of air pollution and climate change policy, CanWest News Service has learned.

Yup, and industry insiders, "stakeholders", but NO greenpeace. I think it is obvious that there will be no reductions in emissions, or the source of the emissions which comes from our continued use of fossil fuels as the primary fuel, the only fuel option in most cases.. .

We need options to make choices Mr. Harper. This is the basis of democratic culture. Do you get that??
Man...Tories propose every thing...
...but they never keep their promises
I get the distinct impression Ambrose's "Made in Canada" solution is hung up in a customs clearinghouse somewhere.
So, to be clear, then...

Our Made-in-Canada Environment Plan will be Made-in-the-United States ?

How do you manage to keep your comments so well presented in lovely bold and c o l o u r f u l writing?, what is your secret key?...Do I rush when I should slow down?, Am I in too much of a hurry to get my words out?.

It only makes sense to tie our enviromental policies in with the U.S. I'm sure you all realize that this is a global issue and that big country below us has been much more successful at reducing thier emissions. Or would you rather scrap any plan because of your blind hatred toward anything from the states.
blind hatred my ass. the chances of Harper's "Made in Canada" NOT "coordinating" with 'merka's growing oil demand are slim to none.

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